Award Winning Filmmaker, Photographer, Artist and creative

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Highland Cow in Ink

this is what I get up to


Ronnie B. Goodwin is Director, Photographer, Writer, and Artist, known for his Award winning short films, 'Shooter', 'Fly a Legacy', 'Ave Maria', 'Happy Tears' and 'King'. Also an accomplished  horseman, performing in the TV series 'OUTLANDER'. 

'FLY a Legacy' a short film about fly fishing, which qualified for the Best Live Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards OSCAR Shorts.

Traveling with my Camera


I am surrounded both by natural beauty and interesting people in Scotland and all over the world. I use my camera to document where I have been and then digital art with a focus on the magic I find in daily life. My pictures tell my stories. 

Sharing Stories


Through my wall art and photo book, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your life and home. New digital art prints are released regularly, so check back often. If you sign up for updates, you will get notified about new prints, books, sales, and talks

My show reel

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